Gov. Phil Murphy's political action organization launched a new ad campaign a couple of weeks ago, and if you've seen the TV commercials, your jaw probably dropped.

Or you may have been like me and said, "What the f*** are you talking about!?"

In the ad, the actors tout "reducing the tax burden for the middle class" and "more property tax relief." It's filled with regular people who look like you and me, but either they're from another state, they've been lied to or they're on powerful hallucinogenic substances. There's also a generous dose of Murphy himself talking about how special interests used to get all the goodies, but now New Jersey is more fair.

Tell that to all the small business owners struggling to stay afloat or the tens of thousands who've moved out of New Jersey in the last decade.

We continue to be the No. 1 state for the highest property taxes, and the state with the highest percentage of people moving out of state. Murphy has only made it worse, and that's why the slick ad campaign is designed to stop the hemorrhaging of people. But will anyone buy it? Probably. He got voted in, even though he promised to raise taxes. The ad is paid for by New Direction NJ, a 501(c)4 political action group. It was launched by his backers to help him get elected and it worked, thanks to the millions of his own money he poured into it, and the gullibility of the New Jersey voters.

He continues to follow a trend that is helping to push businesses and jobs out of Democrat-controlled states and cities. There's quite a bit in the ad about lowering taxes. Didn't Murphy just say last month that if you like lower taxes, "we're probably not your state?" His folksy "I'm lookin' out for you, not like those other guys" style might work with some brain-dead, party loyalist, conservative hating morons, but I'm holding out hope that most people will see it for the sham and scam that it is.

Judge for yourself, but a WARNING, have a barf bag nearby. You'll notice below the video the comments have been turned off. Gee, I wonder why?

Correction: This article has been updated to more clearly describe New Direction NJ's relationship to Gov. Murphy and to correct the wording of a quote by Murphy.

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