This past Friday, Murphy signed a law which intends to give more public access to our waterways, including the beaches. Will this mean the end of beach fees and parking nightmares? Not likely. What will happen is a flurry of lawsuits which could make most of the law null and void or overturn it completely. But his heart was in the right place, even if his head still remains firmly up his butt when it comes to what real New Jerseyans need and want.

This governor will never take his family for a day at the beach now or ever. He probably won't even avail himself of the Governor's Mansion on Island Beach State Park. Both are far too pedestrian for a man of his means. When you have a $7 million villa in Italy and more money than he can count in a lifetime, why would he? I get it. The point is, as with most issues confronting taxpayers in this state, he can't relate, not even a little. But he can try to do something that seems to favor the poor working still that wants to enjoy a day at the beach with their family.

You might say "good for the 'Givenor' for at least trying to give the poor unwashed a chance to enjoy the water. It's just another hollow gesture in his attempt to appear to be one of us, or at least care. He cares about one thing. Power. If he can do enough things in the next couple of years to make him look good enough to re-elected as Governor, that's what he'll do. If enough people will shake they ocean water out of their ears after they spend another expensive day at one of our beaches, they might be clear headed enough to send him packing to his villa in Italy.

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