Once again New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese got it wrong. When asked about his signing of kicker Josh Brown who has been released after admitting to up to 20 counts of domestic violence, he simply and dismissively said "I'm not taking any questions about Josh Brown. Stop asking me" over and over. Eventually, he stopped it by saying "I'm not going to take any questions about that OK?"

When Reese was asked why he wouldn't take any questions, he replied "because I don't think it makes sense for people to keep talking about that situation now." Who exactly is he to make that decision?  It would have been so much better for Reese to be a man and accept accountability since it was he who signed the kicker to a two year, four million dollar contract back in April.  It would also have been nice if Giants owner John Mara would have taken more accountability instead of saying he was "misguided."

And finally, quarterback Eli Manning, who's scowling face appears on those NFL sponsored domestic violence PSAs, is saying he's not in a position to judge a person. Manning goes on to say "I don’t know exactly what Josh did.... I don’t know all the details. You hear something, you hear this or that. So I’m not going to be one to stand up and shame somebody or speak badly about a person until I knew exactly all the details and I still wouldn’t speak badly about a person. That’s not my job."

What Josh did was documented by Josh's own hand. It's Eli's job to be a spokesmen for both the team and domestic violence if you believe those commercials. I'm sick of players and coaches copping out when asked a direct question by saying "I didn't read it, or hear it or see it." Other players have stood up about the situation. As a team leader, I would have loved to have heard him say that he talked to Brown, the Giants and give his opinion on that. If you're the leader, then you need to be on top of what's going on with your team.

Josh Brown will play in the NFL again, as did Leonard Little, and Dante Stallworth (who killed people), Michael Vick (who killed dogs) and Greg Hardy (who nearly killed his girlfriend). Why? Because they can play football and that's all the NFL cares about. So why is Ray Rice not playing?  Because he's probably past that point.

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