It was time to weigh in on the ever-present controversy of the definition of soup. For the record, soups are hot. Real soups are not "chilled". Soups are soothing and delicious and range from gourmet to a simple chicken soup that can cure a common cold. (This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA, CDC, WHO, or Dr. Fauci. Please use soup as a cold remedy at your own risk.)

steamy bowl of chicken noodle soup

If it's not hot, then it's simply a mushy blend of ingredients. For that matter, we could call a smoothie soup if we're basing the definition on consistency. If you go by the standard definition of gazpacho being tomato-based, then Grandma's Sunday gravy could be considered soup under this reckless and irresponsible definition.

Classic homemade tomato sauce in the pan on a wooden chopping board on brown background, top view. Pasta, pizza tomato sauce. Vegetarian food

Society needs standards. We need to define things so that we can help the next generation learn, grow and prosper. Creating confusion with an "anything goes", loosey-goosey definition of soup isn't helping anyone. The only group that benefits from the propaganda campaign is "Big Gazpacho". These elites are trying to muscle in on menus worldwide hoping that a cold blend of tomatoes, cucumber, and garlic will hold a spot on the coveted "soup of the day" spot.

It's not right. It belongs on the menus sure but listed as an appetizer, even a main. But it's not soup.

Understand that I am not anti-gazpacho. My wife and I and our kids have all had gazpacho. We are actually pro-gazpacho. The issue is whether gazpacho should be included among the normal soups that we have come to count on as appetizers, lunches, and even meals. The science seems pretty clear to me, soup is hot. Anything else is just a blend of stuff. Facts matter. Tradition matters.

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