I love soup. Soup in all forms. Creamy, brothy, you name it, I love it. But there’s a difference between homemade and store bought, right? Well it depends.

I put soup into three categories: homemade, canned and restaurant/delivery. As far as homemade, split pea is the best. My wife, Jodi, makes it from dried peas and a ham shoulder that is not always easy to get in Jersey. You need a smoked shoulder to start. That left over bone in ham is the basis for the best soup for the seasons. Yes, I’ll have a recipe at some point this winter to share.

As far as canned, tomato soup wins. Maybe it’s just a memory as a kids having tomato soup and Ellio's Pizza for lunch when home from school.

As far as restaurant/delivery, that changes frequently. Right now the leader is the clam chowder that I got delivered from MaineLobsterNow.com for my wife’s birthday. Wow. It was spectacular. Before the absurdity of mask culture when I was dining out, if crab and corn chowder is on the menu, it’s my go-to order. Unless it’s for breakfast, then there is NOTHING better than the chicken and rice from my friend Peter at the Ewing Diner.

So what’s your favorite? Let me know what recipe you’d like me to make and share for the start of this season. Here are the four that I’m somewhat capable of making and sharing. If pea soup wins though, my wife Jodi is gonna step up and make it!

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