Gas taxes, comic Julian McCullough and Bob Williams' love for Scouting — what a diverse bunch of topics we had on the show Friday morning. What a way to end the week!

One legislator wants to lower your gas tax

The Assembly's consideration of a gas tax to pay for the state's failing Transportation Trust Fund — which is about to run out of money — is happening behind closed doors. And Assembly Republican Leader John Bramnick says that's simply not fair.

The problem, he told me, is that a general discussion can't simply happen on the Assembly floor — it has to be tied to a bill. So where's it happening? Out of the public eye.

"How do you have a state with incredibly high property taxes and not allow people to talk about it, period?" he asked.

Bramnick has sponsored a bill to let residents and legislators tackle the issue head-on, in public, in Trenton. But until that happens, expect more wheeling and dealing away from public scrutiny.

Meanwhile, Bramnick said, if the state is seriously considering a gas tax, Republicans want a tradeoff.

"What the Republicans have said … If you're going to raise some revenue, then it's about time you cut some (other) taxes," he said.

But we do need a solution: "You could ignore the fact that money is going to be needed for debt or construction or repair. You could deny that, but it exists."

Bob Williams loves Scouting 

Joining the Cub Scouts is easy! There are hundreds of packs throughout the Garden State. And it's a passion for our own Bob Williams:

You can join Bob and Pack 159 at the Cub Scouts Carnival from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on Monday, May 2, at the Redeemer Church on Eyland Avenue in Succasunna.

Comic Julian McCullough

You might've seen him on Chelsea Lately. Comic Julian McCullough joined us in studio to discuss the different humors experienced in New Jersey and Los Angeles, getting older, his comedic start at Vinnie Brand's Stress Factory, and more.

Watch the full interview: