C'mon Bob. Brady is the G.O.A.T. Seriously, the greatest QB of all time.

OK, OK, I married a New Englander and have adopted the Boston area sports teams, sort of. I've been a bit anti-NFL with all the anti-cop shenanigans over the past few years.

OK, back to the reason Bob is so mad. Brady wants to trademark "Tom Terrific". Normally, this would just get a quiet reaction from most people, basically a big 'who cares?'.

Well, the problem is that Mets fans feel that Brady's request is an affront to the man who holds a special place in the hearts of fans who never quite got over his trade in 1977. Hall of Famer, Tom Seaver.

I remember Tom as a pitcher on the Cincinnati Reds in the late 70's and early 80's. I grew up a Phillies fan and can remember the excitement of Tom Seaver being on the mound, a tough adversary for sure. Now the aging sports star has dementia and fans are defending his honor.

My thought? Let Brady have the nickname. It's a goofy nickname to begin with and Brady will monetize it, Seaver's certainly isn't using it and hasn't attempted to use it at any point in his career. The statute of limitation is up on the nickname. Go get it, Brady.

And Mets fans, I'm pretty sure Seaver and his family really don't care. They've got more important issues to deal with. You should be worried about the Mets record however, that's an actual problem in need of a solution.

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