Rich Vos, who's headlining at the Stress Factory all weekend, is one of those comics who people love or love to hate.

Rich comes in studio like a wrecking ball mocking any and all people around him! He's a total Jersey guy, edgy and up front about his personal issues unafraid to talk about being sober 31 years and promote his podcast "My Wife Hates Me." This morning, everyone took a little heat from Rich, especially Jill, Brian and Patrick who handled everything in stride. He took some shots at me, but I know it's all about his comic personality and a preview of his edgy act on stage.

He wasted no time making fun of my straight teeth, then saying something about wishing he had a bat...hmm. Bottom line is that you've gotta head to the Stress Factory this weekend and catch this unique, edgy and very funny act. Know going in that you ARE gonna laugh...but it may just be at the expense of the guy sitting next to you!

One incident worth noting this morning was that when Rich arrived, someone offered him a cup of coffee. He said sure, and thought the coffee would be poured and brought to him. That did not happen. He let me know on air.

Two things: If you offer someone a cup of coffee you probably should be prepared to deliver on the offer. Second, if you are not prepared to actually deliver the coffee, then show the guest where the coffee maker is located and explain the process. After some discussion it turned out the culprit in this case was Jill Myra. She owned it and explained that she thought he was expecting a lot for her to make his coffee. I tend to agree with Jill, but am glad it happened because it made for a funny few minutes on the show.

Let me know on Twitter what you thought of Rich's show and vote hear for the next comic out of today's guests to appear with me, Jay Black and Jessica Nutt on #Speaking Millennial.

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