We talked recently about the multiple charges against many of the frat boys who were there the night Timothy Piazza died. It was a pledge night at Penn State's Beta Theta Pi chapter, and Hunterdon County's Timothy Piazza was doomed. After falling headfirst down a flight of stairs and suffering terrible injuries, no one called for help for 12 long hours. A grand jury charged 18 members with hundreds of crimes, the most serious of which is involuntary manslaughter.

Now details of what that grand jury heard are being released. Among them a timeline of the events of that night. Reading it made me sick. Timothy's last night on earth was far worse than any of us realized. He regained consciousness several times and appeared to try to get someone to help him. No one would. Most of the time he lay unconscious, twitching and vomiting. The frat boys strapped a backpack to him so that he'd be propped up in an attempt to keep him from choking on his own vomit. At one point one frat boy tackles another and lands on top of an already injured Piazza. At another point Piazza tries to get up and falls backwards cracking his head on the floor. Still later he attempts to stagger toward the lobby area, probably knowing he needs medical help. He doesn't make it, and instead falls headfirst once more into an iron railing. Later another frat boy starts to lead him somewhere but Timothy collapses down three steps and is left there on the floor.

It gets even worse. I encourage you to read the whole timeline here in Patrick Lavery's story. Then take our poll question below and let us know what should happen to those charged.