First off, how can any expense in New Jersey be considered good? It's widely known that everything in New Jersey is so gosh darn expensive.

We used to have bragging rights when it came to cheaper prices at the pump, but that has since gone out the window. And although we could celebrate a pause on our toll roads not seeing a price hike, it doesn't really count.

The reason toll roads don't count is because most states in the country do not have toll roads. That basically means those states don't have to add a mandatory fare to the gas they're already paying for to travel those roads.

Even when we look at how much groceries cost nowadays. When you get that receipt at the register, it's like a forced or mandated bill that's becoming ever more inflated.

And much like gas, groceries are one of those things that we need. In fact, that one's even higher on the list since not everyone drives.

Inflation has really hit our wallets when it comes to food, including here in The Garden State. But what if someone were to tell you that you have nothing to complain about when it comes to spending on groceries?

The first instinct is to say that's nuts. However, as hard as it is to believe, the cost of groceries in New Jersey really isn't that bad.

In fact, there are many states that are, on average, much more expensive than us. But by how much?

Questionable receipt / bill / expense

Here's a look at how much the average grocery bill is per person in every state, including New Jersey. But note where New Jersey falls on the list, and how far from the national average we are.

Also, note just how expensive groceries are in the most expensive state. It doesn't even come close to what we're paying here.

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Gallery Credit: Mike Brant

Questionable NJ bill

New Jersey NOT expensive?

New Jersey ranked as the 25th most expensive state in the nation when it came to grocery expenses, essentially landing it right in the middle of the pack. Not too much, but certainly not low enough.

The reason this is surprisingly better is simply because we're used to New Jersey being among the most expensive for everything. The fact that New Jersey's average grocery bill for one person is only $7 higher than the monthly average is very surprising.

Do we wish we were cheaper? Of course. But hey, at least we're not paying up to $220 more for the same grocery items as they do in Hawaii.


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Gallery Credit: Mike Brant

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