New Jersey's latest election is underway, with polls opening for in-person voting on Tuesday, November 7, 2023. And as is always the case, there's an awful lot at stake for those living in The Garden State.

Look, it's no shock that we're dealing with a lot here. From high property taxes and crime to future bans and mandates, New Jersey is flooded with issues that need to be tackled.

And let's be real, no one person can change it all. Not the Governor, not our elected Washington leaders, or even our local town Mayor.

It takes a village of dedicated individuals to work together and solve the problems for the people of New Jersey. And although our elected officials don't always get the job done or do their part, it's up to us to respond.

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And that response part is one of the issues at hand. More importantly, it's an issue for a handful of people who complain.

Yes, we're more divided than ever politically, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't come together for the common cause. Regardless if you're red, blue, purple, or something other, there's no reason for us to be enemies.

But, we can all argue for what we believe in as long as we vote for what we believe in. Sadly, far too many in this state shoot off their big mouths even though they played no role in influencing the direction this state is going.

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And I get it. It's sometimes hard to get involved when you feel your voice doesn't count. But that way of thinking couldn't be any further from the truth.

I've been a part of two local elections myself where not once, but twice, a candidate won with only one vote. That one vote could've been yours.

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