Rules exist for a reason. If we’re going to get along, if society is to function, we need to be on the same page.

See that stop sign? What do you think it means? Stop! Yes! Very good!

If you don’t have a stop sign you should….keep going! Yes!

It’s not sarcasm you’re picking up on. It’s frustration. For the love of God can you people quit yielding your right of way? You’re throwing the playbook in the trash and confusing everyone else.

Have you seen these geniuses I’m talking about? It’s nice to let someone cut in out of a driveway if it’s a long line of cars. That’s not what I'm referring to. That’s civility. No, I’m talking about sheer stupidity.

Angry man driving a car.

I’m talking about the four-way stop I came to today when there was already a car there before me and on top of that he was to my right. What does he do? Sits there. Yielding to the person who came last AND to the person on his LEFT! That’s. not. how. it. works.

Then he starts waving to me to go. You know why I don’t want to go? A) it’s not my right of way and B) if you’re dumb enough to not know that you’re dumb enough to hit the gas just as I go along with you and enter the intersection.

An even more insane example of people unnecessarily yielding their right of way and confusing everyone. I’m waiting to make a left onto a main road out of a side street and I have a stop sign. There’s a car coming from my left: One car. No one behind him. He has the right of way. He makes a dead stop in the middle of the main road and waves me to go.

This isn’t being nice. This isn’t being a good guy. It’s most definitely not being a good citizen, for this kind of nonsense can easily lead to accidents. And the accident will be chalked up to me, not them.

What this is is them creating anarchy just because they’re trying to score Heaven points. Trust me, God Himself would rather you just go. Play by the rules. That’s why they exist.

Just like people ought to get tickets for driving far below the speed limit, there needs to be a law against yielding your right of way. Let's call it CAPITA's law. (Confusing Annoying Pain In The Ass)

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