Easiest picture to paint is that of a white puppy in the snow. But on video it's completely different. After all the loses I took on "Fluffy's Football Forecast" (I kid), it was fun to drive him nuts watching him trying to chase snowballs only to have them disappear in the drift.

It was a great release from the aggravation that started with me slipping and sliding in the snow while driving into work. To make it more interesting my driver's side windshield wiper went dead. Then I encountered two downed trees on two different roads only to end up stuck on a road that was never plowed. When I finally got to work, the plow finally came and sealed me in. Just to show you where MY lucky star dangles in the sky! Thanks to Kevin from Trenton who heard me talk about it and was kind enough to dig me out.

As if this wasn't enough fun, when I got home I found out that my power is out and we have no idea when it's coming back. But hey, who am I to complain? Be safe out there!

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