There is a growing number of common sense, tough voices who are hearing your frustration and speaking out on your behalf. Over the next few months, I'll introduce as many as possible so you know who REALY has your back in our government.

Murphy and Sweeney are both part of the same problem of bloated, corrupt government more interested in standing up for criminals, illegal aliens and elite insiders.

One voice for you is new Senator Mike Testa, who literally just took his seat less than two weeks ago after winning a special election and flipping a Blue seat Red. He joined me to talk about the fight to preserve parental rights under attack by bully Steve Sweeney and the outrage of giving illegals a drivers license in NJ.

Another voice of reason and leadership in Trenton is from Serena DiMaso. She's a member of the General Assembly and has been an outspoken voice for taxpayers and citizens. Best part about Serena is like Mike, she's not an insider beholden to the party bosses. She's an independent thinker and someone who clearly has the best interest of law abiding citizens in mind.

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