How often have you heard the governor in New Jersey talk about the "need" for 70% of the population to get fully vaccinated in order to "return to normal"? It's Day 338 of 15 days to "stop the spread." Yes, I've been counting since President Trump announced the so-called "pause" that was supposed to free up enough hospital beds to treat the sick.

Of course, the rush to our nation's hospitals never happened. Doctors and nurses furloughed across the region in our area and temporary hospitals packed up and sent home because they were totally unnecessary. Today we hear the reports from the same government that forced sick COVID patients into nursing homes to live among the only part of the population actually vulnerable to the virus that the "rate of transmission" is down. So, the virus has almost no effect on people under the age of 40. Even among older people unless they are already health compromised they will most likely be fine. But the panic ensued regardless of facts.

Fueled largely by the irresponsible media looking for click bait to drive revenue, people thought the world was ending. Pictures of bodies stacked up, despite logical explanations and knowledge of responsible parties, people took that as a sign of a virus that would whip through society and kill millions. We know that some governments padded the death numbers. In Nevada, a death from natural causes within 30 days of a positive test counted as a COVID death. We know that masks have almost zero impact on stopping any viral spread, yet many people feel safer with a bacteria filled rag over their breathing holes.

We know that among kids, under the age of 20, there were nearly zero deaths. We watched states like Alabama, Florida and Texas return to normal. Packed restaurants, beaches and local events. No spread. No rush on hospitals. No excess deaths. We know that only 6% of Floridians have been vaccinated yet the virus is going away. We know that according to our news report Tuesday morning, only 3% of New Jerseyans have been vaccinated fully yet the spread has slowed to a crawl and hospitals are empty. Despite the facts that the virus did exactly what many of us predicted back in March 2020, it ran its course and people got over it, we have a call for a vaccine as the key to normalcy.

Sadly, we know that thousands have died because they skipped the normal heath check ups and treatments during the lockdown. Sadly, we know that thousands of kids are suffering tremendously from depression and anxiety from the ongoing isolation. Small businesses are crushed. And hospitals are seeing a rush of patients from drug overdoses, not COVID. The mask-idiots continue to shame those of us who won't wear a mask despite the science being fully on our side. The teachers unions continue to justify keeping teachers out of school and parents stuck in the role of teaching even though COVID poses nearly zero threat.

Media outlets still rush to report "outbreak" numbers, despite the fact that this is only a reflection of healthy people taking a test known to be inaccurate. All this comes to an end when New Jersey residents stand up, challenge the mask mandate and refuse the vaccine, unless your personal physician recommends it based on personal health issues.

As far as businesses in New Jersey, while the complaints from business owners are loud and clear, how many have challenged the state orders by following them to the letter? The executive order provides written exceptions to mask wearing. Why are those signs not posted in restaurants and shops across the state? Why does anyone think that in restaurants, shown to account for less than 1.5% of virus cases despite the fact that people are eating, talking, singing and interacting with strangers, all maskless, need to remain limited?

Many New Jerseyans are embarrassing themselves by parading around with a mask while alone and outside, clamoring for "safety" despite the facts that show no lockdown measures did anything to keep anyone safe. Meanwhile, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Florida, Alabama, Texas, South Dakota have all proved the point that the vaccine is unnecessary and lockdowns are the greater threat to humanity than the virus could ever be.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Spadea. Any opinions expressed are Bill's own. Bill Spadea is on the air weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m., talkin’ Jersey, taking your calls at 1-800-283-1015.

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