At the end of a long work week, people like to cut loose and have some fun. Which is why we close out every Friday show with a game hour where you can win some cool prizes. We like to mix things up and not do the same game every Friday. Twice before we ran an online poll to see which ones people like the best so we can plan better. It's been not quite 2 years, and in that time we've retired some games and added some new ones. So we thought we'd ask again.

Nothing will ever please everybody which is why we like to keep a variety. For example some people love 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon because it's such a challenge to stump Doyle's Rain Man like skill while others would prefer the easier Tri-Bond where you just have to figure out what three things have in common. Games we've retired for good include Strange Stories True or False and Guess What's In The Dumpster. Strange Stories was put to rest because our producer Joe Votruba literally had a near mental breakdown every time we played it trying to find callers who were good at making up the false ones. Guess What's In The Dumpster saw its final day the time we heard Joe inside the dumpster confronted by a live rat. It was such radio gold that we knew the game had peaked and could never top itself.

Then there are newer ones such as Missed Connections where we give you one real and one fake NJ Missed Connections ad off Craigslist and callers have to figure out which was which. Plus a new one called Fun Facts where you hear one anonymous 'fun fact' about Doyle, Joe and me and have to figure out which weird personal fact belongs to which guy.

So here's a list from which to choose. Let us know your favorite Friday Night Game!

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