Great food...great people...great rides...and beautiful weather. It all adds up to a FUN day at Six Flag's Great Adventure!

Enter here...for food and fun! (Craig Allen photo).

I am pleased to have been invited to be a part of the fun of the "4th Annual Fast Tracks and Food Trucks Festival" today!

Need a ride to the park? (Craig Allen photo).

Come along with me!

It's a beautiful afternoon to hang out with your closest friends and neighbors! (Craig Allen photo).

The weather can't be better (thanks, Dan Zarrow!)...and the variety of food from which to choose..

Oink it UP! (Craig Allen photo).

Just can't be beat!

Dude! I mean...Empanada Guy! (Craig Allen photo).


Turn Up the heat...with "Korean Fusion!" (Craig Allen photo).

Oh, and did I mention the Jersey Prize Team at Six Flags?

Join us under the Big Yellow Tent! (Craig Allen photo).

Loaded down with goodies...

Show of hands...who wants to win a PRIZE? (Jersey Prize Team photo). Somerset Patriots and Trenton Thunder Tickets...and New Jersey Lottery Tickets...

Higher or lower... (Craig Allen photo). give to YOU...

It's all in the cards... (Craig Allen photo). you play games with US!

Marissa shares the joy with our youngest winner! (Craig Allen photo).


Sam at the mike...with a question... (Craig Allen photo).

Six Flags TRIVIA!

Is it between a Queen and 3? (Craig Allen photo).

As Big Joe would say...who has more FUN than...US?

It's true...I'm "Looney!" (New Jersey Prize Team photo).

I'm having FUN with my pals Sylvester and Wile E. Coyote!


Are you "wearing" our name? (Craig Allen photo).

Tattoo, anyone?

Order Here...and say...MOO! (Craig Allen photo).

And...there's plenty of food! Did I mention that?

Gotta LOVE...Batman the Ride! (Craig Allen photo).


Lets play...Find the "Big Yellow Tent!" (Craig Allen photo).

Thanks to Six Flags Great Adventure for a FUN day for me, and the Jersey Prize Team!

Thank YOU for stopping by to say Hi!

And, thanks for making the "4th Annual Fast Tracks and Food Trucks Festival" a part of your weekend, with New Jersey 101.5!