Sparkly boots, wide belts, and plaids from the 70s are just some of the fashion trends that are hot for fall 2017. In this episode of Forever 39, we tell you what's in for fall, and what's not!

In August, Elle Magazine published a comprehensive guide to this year's top fashion trends, and some of them have us "oohing" and "awing" at what we're seeing. From leisure suits to vintage-inspired furs, this fall season is likely to make your inner fashionista yearning to get out!

We'll go through some of the hottest trends that we're most excited to rock this fall, and those that we just don't get. Is there a trend you can't wait to wear? Tell us by taking our poll below:

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— Annette and Megan, Forever 39

Join us for next week’s podcast when we chat about how the media influences the way we think about our bodies, seasonal displays in stores, and back-to-school anxieties.

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