A family on the way from Denver to see family and friends in New Jersey was kicked off a United Airlines flight because the family's 2-year-old would not wear a mask, as reported by the New York Post and others.

Anyone who has had to deal with an obstinate toddler can probably relate to what mom Eliz Orban shared on her Instagram. Her husband is seen repeatedly trying to fit the loops around the ears of his little girl as he pleads with her to wear the mask. As the plane prepares for takeoff, the 2-year-old continues squirming and crying and covering her mouth with her hands. Eventually, a crew member comes over and asks the family to get off the plane.

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As Orban's husband struggled with the mask, she pleads with the flight crew, "We can't force her. She's literally holding it and crying." The dad tries holding the mask over his daughter's face himself, but the crew member says that is not allowed, and again asks them to leave the plane. Eventually, they gather up their things and walked up the isle.

In an emotional post on her Instagram page, which this morning appears to have been removed, Orban said she was traumatized and humiliated. She claimed that her family had been banned from the ever flying United again. In a statement to Heavy, United denied that claim.

The airline said the family was asked to leave in the interest of the health and safety of passengers and crew, and that all fliers ages 2 and older are required to mask up under airline policy. United says it continue to investigate the specifics of this incident, but have refunded the family's tickets.

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