Jim Gearhart's heard all the accusations — that President Donald Trump throws out the term "fake news" when he hears a report he doesn't like.

But is he really alone in that? Jim Gearhart's pretty sure there's plenty of fake outrage over fake news coming from progressives and the mainstream media, too.

His attention was captured last week by a "60 Minutes" exploration of the issue — and sure, there were lots of actual-fake-news stories cited. But Jim couldn't believe the indignation from mainstream media sources who say they're never part of that sort of thing.

"Of course they are," Jim says in the latest edition of his new podcast, "The Jim Gearhart Show.

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The show featured one alleged purveyor of fake news — but one who'd claimed Hillary Clinton had been truly ill on the campaign trail last year. Scott Pelley questioned that idea — undercut it as unproven. But, Jim says, Pelley also couldn't prove it wasn't true.

"It was so obvious, that it sort of threw him back on his heals," Jim says.

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— Townsquare Media staff

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