It was bad enough that I had to report earlier this week I caught my wife losing all Jersey girl integrity by using a fork to eat pizza. Now a listener has informed me of an evil KickStarter project that takes it to the next level. Someone has thought to combine a fork with a pizza cutter and is looking to manufacture and market the Pizza Fork.

Kicksterter / Daniel Morvec

According to its inventor Daniel Morvec, you can "step up your pizza eating game with a Pizza Fork. It's a fork with a built-in pizza cutting wheel. A quick and convenient way to single-handedly slice, fork and feed your face. Who knew you could improve the act of eating pizza."

See, that's the thing. YOU CAN'T! What irresponsible fiends think it's okay to eat pizza with a fork!? Now to give credit where it's due, the Pizza Fork is also said to be great for waffles, pancakes, steaks, etc.. Fine. If you need to change the way you eat those things, fine. But for the love of Jersey leave pizza alone!

KickStarter / Daniel Morvec

According to kickstarter backers have already contributed over $1,000 to the project. The goal is $10,000 however with only a few days left. Check it out for yourself here.

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