Bill Fine believes the 2020 election season may be the worst he's experienced in his 50-plus years of being able to vote for president of the United States.

Making matters worse, said Fine, a 76-year-old Brick Township resident, incumbent Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden are both incompetent, so the vote he delivered to an Ocean County drop box was for whichever candidate he believes would do the least damage to our country.

"I'm glad it's over, and I think a lot of people are," Fine said.

Election Day may not deliver an actual winner in national or local races due to obstacles prompted by the mail-in process, but plenty of New Jersey residents appear relieved that Nov. 3 has finally arrived. If the commercials, bickering and media coverage are too much for anyone during a normal presidential election year, being in lockdown mode for months due to COVID-19 likely magnified the impact in 2020.

Brick resident Cheryl R. Mueller, a Biden supporter, said the pandemic has given her a chance to pay more attention to political races and issues. But that's not always a good thing — a presidential debate should be professional, and the Sept. 29 primetime event was anything but, Mueller said.

"I saw the first one and I couldn't watch another one," she said. "I just want the country to be run properly."

"Elections are always divisive, but this one feels more intense than ever," added Kelle Galvan, of Neptune Township.

Toni Francis, a resident of Brick, considers the last few months "a big sh**show," politically.

"I can't wait for it to be over. I'll have my bottle of vodka, and I'm just going to drink my way through it," she said of Election Night.

Jon S., of Point Pleasant Borough, is looking forward to a post-election New Jersey. The 31-year-old has followed a few presidential elections, but feels the 2020 race has been "a little bit too much."

"I want this one to be over just for the fact that Trump's done a good enough job in the last four years. He deserves another four," he said.

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