Today's Election Day is unique for sure. It's simple. If Donald Trump wins re-election, we're looking at a tough year of recovery to regain what was lost during seven months of a shutdown that crushed economic and civil liberties. In New Jersey, it's clear that we'll have to fight the governor to hold him accountable to reason, logic and real science in order to get the state open.

If Biden wins, we're in for a brutal next two years, at least, and Murphy will be empowered by a supportive White House to continue to keep New Jerseyans down. The reason they'll use is the absolute fake metric of "positive tests."

First of all, we know that since the test is 90% inaccurate and MOST of the testing is on asymptomatic, AKA HEALTHY, people, it has ZERO bearing on whether our health care system can handle the relatively few people who are sick. We know that people will get sick, it's cold and flu season after all, and ventilators will be used for the extremely ill. But NONE of this should have any impact on whether you should be returning to normal life.

So why are we here? It's all about power. And the power being exercised by elite globalists like Phil Murphy is killing far more people than the virus ever could. The choice is now yours. If you choose to take 1,000 healthy people who test positive for a virus that will most likely not make them sick, let alone kill them, then we will be shut down indefinitely and you better hope the government has enough to hand out. If you know the truth, that healthy people testing positive is irrelevant and we should have never shut down in the first place, then there's hope.

Which group are you in? For me, President Trump is the only answer. Re-elect him and COVID will be a distant memory by 2022. Elect Biden, and I have no idea how long this will last.

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