The results are in, with lots of lopsided matchups. The most competitive was Twix taking down Hershey's Kisses 51.63% to 48.37%. But the Hershey company doesn't have to hang its corporate head when the Hershey Bar had the second biggest win of all matchups, 84.26% to 15.74% over Sour Patch Kids. The juggernaut? M&Ms over Skittles 84.63% to 15.37%.

Last year's champion (already dynasty status) Reese's Peanut Butter Cups advances over Snickers 64.53% to 35.47%. Here are all results from the Sweets 16.

With the huge showing of M&Ms and Hershey Bar, you would think rooting for them to advance to the Flavorful 4 would make sense if you want to give Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and run for its money.

So here we go, our annual tradition continues. Just what is Jersey's favorite Halloween candy this year? Cast your vote in out Edible 8.

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