Eddie Testa is the epitome of the blue-collar rocker. Here's a man whose band is constantly working at clubs, parties and private events throughout New Jersey.

I worked with Eddie at the 911 Memorial Fund event and saw firsthand how hard he works at rocking your socks off. When Eddie came on my show, the outpouring of love from the callers was genuine, because that's the kind of guy Eddie is.

When Eddie's not rocking a house somewhere, (You may remember him as far back as Eddie Testa and the Cruisers") he's making arguably the best chicken in New Jersey at his "Chicken Town" restaurant. I can personally attest — it is delicious!

When Eddie is not rocking or making the best chicken in New Jersey, he's writing incredible original music.

Eddie couldn't have known when he came into our studio Thursday what a tragic weekend was ahead for the nation, with one counter-protester and two police officers dead amid a white nationalist rally in Virginia. But his call for peace and love in his new song, "All Lives Matter, couldn't be more relevant.

Hear Eddie sing "All Lives Matter," accompanied by Illya Stemkovsky, above.

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