SALEM — The Eagles have come to New Jersey.

They're not members of the football team ... or the rock group ... but birds that have taken their 18th annual flight to a PSE&G transmission tower in Salem, where they have nested for the past 18 years.

The utility has set up its first "eagle cam" live video stream in a partnership with New Jersey Audubon to show off the birds laying eggs, eaglets hatching and, eventually, the little ones taking their first flights.

Eagles have nested in nine PSE&G transmission towers across the state. PSE&G said it takes steps to protect the birds from electrical equipment (and vice versa), and creates work schedules to avoid interfering with nests when possible.

“The eagle cam will give millions the opportunity to witness first-hand this amazing success story of our national bird’s recovery. This exciting endeavor would not be possible without support from PSE&G,” Eric Stiles, president and CEO of New Jersey Audubon, wrote in a statement.

The bald eagle was nearly extinct from New Jersey in 1973, when only one nesting pair remained in a remote forest in Cumberland County. There are now 150 nesting pairs in New Jersey due the efforts from organizations including New Jersey Audubon, the state Division of Fish and Wildlife and the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ.

Rob Pollock, PSE&G’s senior director of environmental projects, said his company has  worked with New Jersey Audubon on a number of projects involving other wildlife and is happy this project allows then to share resources once again.

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