The Light of Day Foundation proudly announces their Winterfest music concert series, which will culminate with Bob Benjamin’s Birthday Bash featuring E-Street Band and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer Max Weinberg and his Jukebox, which will be held on Jan. 20 at The Count Basie Hackensack Meridian Health Theatre in Red Bank. NJ.

Light of Day Winterfest music series will have performances by primarily New Jersey artists in Asbury Park at the Stone Pony, venues in New York, Rockland County, New York, Philadelphia, and other venues throughout the region.

The purpose of the music series is to create awareness and funds to help eradicate Parkinson’s disease, which has inflicted Bob Benjamin, and the peripheral and related illnesses ALS otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s disease and PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy). In the 24 years that the Light of Day Foundation has produced these music series, the foundation has raised over 6.5 million dollars.

Light of Day music fest has expanded with shows on three continents. Performances in Canada, England, Wales, Ireland, Sweden, Germany Spain, and Australia just to name a few. Light of Day’s global reach is necessary to continue awareness and collect the necessary funds to fight these diseases.

Max Weinberg will wrap up the series at the Basie with his Jukebox on January 20th which is a pretty cool interaction with the audience who make the setlist. From the Beatles to the Stones to Bruce Springsteen to some other deeper cuts, the evening is fun.


Max keeps the beat as he has for so many years as the heartbeat of the E-Street Band. Max surrounds himself with other great musicians who will be part of the band that night.

I have hosted a couple of these shows and enjoy the spirit, endurance, and commitment that the New Jersey music scene has made to Light of Day. It is very humble to save the least.

There are many packages available from, backstage opportunities to great seating at many of the venues. Please support Light of Day and if your schedule prohibits you from catching a show, please consider a donation to Light of Day. You can reach them and get tickets by going to

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