TINTON FALLS — The driver who video-recorded a camper flipping onto its side Monday afternoon on the Garden State Parkway is surprised no one was hurt.

Nick Brinson, of Barnegat, noticed the pick up hauling a camper was swaying heading south near the Monmouth service area. He said he followed the pickup for about five minutes and thought it was another Parkway driver going too fast.

"I wanted to catch a video so I could show my fiancee this kind of stuff I see everyday driving back and forth to work. It was 10, 15 seconds into the video he lost control of the vehicle," Brinson said.

The driver, Roger Logan, of Jackson, began veering back-and forth across three of the five lanes. Tires are heard squealing on the pavement before the white camper turns on its left side as the pickup drags it to the right.

"When he started losing it, my jaw dropped. I couldn't say anything," Brinson said.

"I was just thankful an praying he didn't flip the truck."

A police cruiser almost immediately came down the shoulder as Logan pounded the steering wheel.

"He put the truck in reverse, started spinning the tires, put it in drive and started spinning the tires. He was panicking trying to get it off the road." Brinson said he saw passengers getting out of the truck before he was able to continue his trip.

State Police on Tuesday said no charges have been filed against Logan and the incident remains under investigation.

Brinson said it looked like Logan was driving the posted speed limit of 65 mph but thought it still was too fast.

"The whole time he's driving I'm like, 'Dude, slow down.' You obviously feel your trailer whipping you from side to side. Slow down. He would have been safe at 55 but he was going too fast."

"Don't tow a trailer too hard for your vehicle, make sure your load is balanced and don't drive too fast," he said. "When you start picking up speed, they sway unless you have the proper equipment."

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