When James S. Murray, AKA "Murr" from Impractical Jokers, is not pranking with his lJ crew, he's writing thriller novels with Darren Wearmouth like Awakened, The Brink and Obliteration. Now comes their latest novel, Don't Move. Murray explained the premise to me when he called into my show Wednesday night, Nov. 4.

"It's scary as hell. You'd love it man," Murr said when he called into the show. "It's about a church group from the Bronx that goes on like, their annual summer camping trip to the woods of West Virginia. They wander into the wrong woods and they're being hunted by this kind of like, pre-historic creature, that can sense their vibrations as they walk. It's really, really scary, it's perfect for the fall. And I wrote while in quarantine here in Jersey."

Of course we could not let Murr go without an update on the "Impractical Jokers."

"It comes back with brand new episodes in January, we're filming now."

Has he thought of any good holiday pranks?

"I mean, don't break the news about Santa Claus, that's a bad prank. Let's keep that one going, cause that would be a bad prank on your children."

I was really hoping to get him to admit that 2020 was all one big practical joke they planned for next season.

"We are not that vindictive," Murr said, laughing. "Our pranks would never be this bad. This has been one hell of a prank on all of us."

"Don't Move" is available here and it's getting lots of critical praise.

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