New Jersey schools that are facing cuts in aid may soon come looking to you for the solution – more of your property tax money. At least that’s what will happen if a Bill floated by a Senate committee passes. According to an article by our own Michael Symons on, this bill would allow larger property tax increases than have been already limited by caps in some school districts losing state aid.

Now, we all know that Phil Murphy is a tried and true tax and spend Democrat. That’s why it was surprising that he criticized the bill on Twitter, saying: “Let’s fix the gimmicks in Trenton, not raise property taxes.”

Of course, if you read between the lines, you realize that Governor Murphy would simply like to raise the money from you in a different way. He’ll seek to take it from higher sales taxes or raise it through punitive wealth taxes or through other scurrilous means. But the tweet sure sounds like he’s gonna be your hero!

It’s not like he or anyone else in the statehouse would ever consider consolidating the 600+ districts in the state or just simply pull the plug on all the zillions of unnecessary programs to make up the deficit. That would make too much sense. Plus, it would also serve to piss off the NJEA, the powerful teachers union which helped to get most of them in there in the first place.

So Phil Murphy’s tweet would SEEM to be welcome and long overdue. But it’s really just a typical Murphy move. In this day and age, he understands the power of Twitter and has been known to use Twitter as a weapon against his political enemies (and trust me, I know because I’ve been the target of it).

So, no. Murphy has not changed his stripes. He just realizes that those 140 characters of Twitter are a great way to put a spin on something (true or not) that looks good, sounds good, and ingrains itself as truth into a person’s mind in a quick and efficient manner. And in the case of Governor Murphy, it’s usually something that people are just gullible enough to believe.

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