The New Jersey State Policeman’s Benevolent Association this week took a stand on behalf of their member cops and endorsed President Trump for re-election. It’s news because this is the same union that was at odds with former GOP Governor Chris Christie and supported Phil Murphy for Governor. That said, for Union President Pat Colligan, it’s all about his members.

Pat thinks about putting cops first knowing first hand how dangerous and under-appreciated the job has become. This should serve as a wake up call to moderate Democrats who are watching the extremists take over a party that once stood for the working and middle class families in America. With leading Democrats endorsing the dangerous and misguided call to "defund the police," it’s no surprise that sensible people are gravitating to the President.

President Trump is a clear choice for anyone who "Backs the Blue." We’ve drifted very far from a civil disagreement on law enforcement funding and policy. The national Democrats would rather stand with rioters and looters instead of the police officers who sacrifice their safety every day to protect the rest of us. I appreciate the move by my friend Pat Colligan and know that he will have to deal with the backlash from the corrupt, elitist pols in Trenton who are not exactly fans of the 45th President. But putting cops and their interests above politics is what a good leader does.

The President does it in DC every day and Pat Colligan recognized it and stood up for the men and women in uniform across New Jersey in a big way.

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