Isn't New Jersey supposed to be a blue state? We have a democratic governor and a democratic house. If that's the case, then how do you explain that sea of red that made its way to Wildwood on Tuesday? When you mix blue and red you get purple and that's what Donald Trump is doing to New Jersey, whether the democrats like it or not.

I can't think of a bigger event in the history of New Jersey where 175,000 tickets were requested and only 7,000 can get in. The President said there were "tens of thousands of people outside" from a video by NJTV. Name any other candidate from either side who could draw tens of thousands of people to a deserted shore town in January to hear him speak. Whatever number you want to believe were actually there.

And speak he did, President Trump spoke of New Jersey's sanctuary policy, he spoke of the New Jersey job numbers, he gave shoutouts to former Governor Chris Christie, State Senator Joe Pennacchio, former advisor Bill Stepien and longtime advisor and Jersey girl Kellyanne Conway.

Trump even did his own "Jersey" version of "God Bless America," saying, "From Morristown to Vineland, and Patterson to Pennington, from Camden to Clifton, all the way down the shore." I expected him to break into "God Bless New Jersey, my home sweet home..." and even though he wasn't from here, the crowd would have believed it.

That's key, regardless of how you feel about President Trump or how much you want to dispute or fact check what he says. The truth is thousands of New Jersey residents stopped what they were doing and drove many miles and hours just to be where he was, whether or not they got to hear him speak. That should send a very loud message to those who think, "not to worry, New Jersey is a blue state." Trump may have them singing the blues. As far as I'm concerned, after what I saw on Tuesday, I'm going to say purple...for now.

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