It’s doubtful that a.) you’ve driven as many miles as they have and b.) you’ve been accident free. Three Howell mail carriers were honored for 1 million accident-free miles each. According to the Howell Patch, the drivers who were honored are Edward Eldridge, Beth Bartell, and Doug Kuegler.

It’s kind of a staggering number of miles to have driven without an accident, but it’s not as rare as you might think. The National Safety Council claims 9,500 mail carriers have hit the 1 million mile mark without an accident since 2005 (nationally). Some of the Post Office driving suggestions that help the drivers reach that milestone are no mobile devices, be courteous, drive defensively, and allow a safe following distance. Nearly 214,000 vehicles are operated by US Postal service nationally that log 1.2 billion miles each year.

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