I think I count 33 stickers and clings on this woman's car, but I'm honestly not sure. I keep losing track. They are on the bumper. On the liftgate. At least 16 are on her back window. Does she ever get pulled over for obstruction of view? That's still a ticket in New Jersey, right?

You can tell a lot about a person from what they plaster all over their cars. I suppose that's the idea; the firm belief that all other drivers care about you and want to know all about you and every aspect of your life. So here we know she loves her cat. We also know she's very into gaming. In fact her 'weapon of choice' is a game controller apparently. Let's see, she's the pride of RVCC. She's into Batman, Deadpool, and wants us all to co-exist. She also believes that her music should be as loud as she wants it because it's your fault if it's too loud for you. She also seems to believe in something called Bitchdust. Now I have never personally seen Bitchdust, but perhaps a lot of my interactions with people in the past were powered by this without my knowing it.

Hey, you can do whatever you want to with your car I suppose. But are this many bumper stickers really necessary? Do we have to wear our entire lives on our vehicle's exterior? Now if you'll forgive me I think I heard some kids on my lawn I need to go yell at.

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