Monmouth county has a shiny new drug abuse van. It’s called the HOPE One Monmouth Mobile Unit and they plan to have it at public gatherings and places in the county at least once a week. According to Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden the van “combines law enforcement with health and addiction services for individuals and families struggling with drug problems.” Golden continues, “engagement and education are the key to addressing this epidemic here in Monmouth and Ocean counties.” Ah, yes: “Awareness.”
It’s all about awareness. Everything is. And supposedly awareness is the panacea to all of what ails is in this life.

We’ve made people so hyper aware of every potential ill that could befall them that we’ve created a generation of angst-ridden, paranoid, hovering, sky-is-falling babies who are just waiting for the next construction crane to fall over and smash them to smithereens. Awareness campaigns teach you to never relax and just live because that evil lurks around every corner.

Unless you’ve been living under one of those aforementioned cranes, you know all you need to know about opioid abuse, opioid addiction, opioid prescriptions, opioid this, opioid that- I’m surprised that a baby’s first word in 2018 isn’t “Opioid”. Do we need a van to drive around to fairs and various other events educating the public and talking to them about addiction? This is overkill.

I know it’s a very serious problem but we are bombarded every day with “education” about various social ills. Do we really need a mobile lecture? I don’t mean to make light of the opioid addiction epidemic but is no place sacred? What kind is public gatherings will this van visit? Food festivals? Craft Fairs? Carnivals? Can we ever just relax and enjoy our lives without propaganda being shoved down our throats? I feel for people whose families have been touched by addiction. Mine has, too. But can’t I just eat my funnel cake?

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