We all have cell phones but we don’t use them the same way. Recently on the show some of us were shocked to find out the Bill Doyle never uses a screen protector. But then it turns out about half of people don’t. Even more shocking.

Well something came up this weekend that has me wondering if I am a total freak of nature when it comes to my cell phone. My wife’s phone was dying and she needed a new one and had an upgrade. She went to her provider store and she walked into a very great and unexpected deal. Long story short for virtually the same cost she was able to get a second phone; a brand new one for me. An iPhone 11.

I haven’t switched it over yet because I discovered that my habit of not often deleting pictures and videos caught up with me far beyond what I knew. I haven’t been following the count which would’ve been easy enough to do. But I never bother. I assumed my bad habit left me having maybe 3000 pictures in my phone.

To make the switch over process smoother I wanted to finally go in and delete all the ones that I did not want to save. Yes I should have been doing this all along, I get it. Yes this is my own fault and yes it’s a first world problem. But still I was shocked to see the number.

Between photos and videos I had more than 12,000.

And yes people are laughing at me. Take a look at this text exchange that I captured in screenshots. It’s a back and forth with Dennis & Judi’s producer Kylie.

photos on phone
Jeff Deminski screenshot

Of course those screenshots now meant two extra photos that I needed to delete. Which has consumed my entire weekend. Every free moment I had was spent going through all of these photos and videos and ruthlessly deleting. I’m down to a little over 1100. Which leads me to a question. I’m really dying to know if you took a look at your phone right now, between videos and pictures how many you have. Please take our poll below.

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