A new Wallethub.com survey of the best and worst states for doctors gives New Jersey poor marks in many categories.

Dr. John Poole, president of the New Jersey Medical Society, says he agrees with the assessment.

"The Northeast is one of the lowest paid for physicians in the country. So you know we're competing with other areas of the country where starting salaries are already higher," he said.

He also talks about New Jersey's aging patient population, which results in a higher incident of chronic diseases and patients on Medicare, which he says is "not a great payer" that can cover costs.

The survey also gives Jersey poor marks for average doctors' salaries.

Poole says the problem in a nutshell is "high taxes, high regulations, insurance companies ratcheting down payments ."

Poole says state lawmakers and insurance companies need to do more for doctors.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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