Do you want inmates to have the right to vote in the Garden State? This is not a trick question. This is an actual idea coming from state lawmakers this week. Legislation was announced Monday that would give back the right to vote to almost 100,000 criminals either currently locked up or serving parole or probation.

In an epic failure of logic, democratic Sen. Ronald Rice said, "There is no relationship between voting and committing crimes. To disenfranchise those who have made mistakes and are paying for them is wrong."

No relationship? It's called punishment. We are already taking away other rights, such as the right to free movement. Disenfranchise? Made mistakes? Forgetting your wife's anniversary is a mistake, and you pay for that. Stealing, raping, robbing, murdering...these things are crimes. If you want to have the Political Correctness Fairy sprinkle magic word dust on them and turn them into mere mistakes go right ahead. But if we don't have consequences for committing these crimes, oh I'm sorry, making these 'mistakes', then we lose even more control of society.

Why should a guy who broke into 14 people's houses and stole what they worked hard for retain the same right to vote as that law abiding citizen? This proposal is terrible and with Gov. Murphy at the helm don't be shocked if it becomes law. We would be the third state in the nation to allow people who are serving prison sentences to vote.

We already pay over $54,000 per year per prisoner to house, feed and give medical care to these criminals. What a slap in the face to every law abiding taxpayer to think that these inmate would have the same voting right as they do.

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