Before you could even finish your turkey and macaroni, the stores were calling for you to get an early start on Black Friday. You could beat the rush and get such a deal! All day Friday the malls were packed. This was followed by "Small business Saturday," which I thought would have been more profitable if they had had it the week BEFORE Black Friday. It's hard enough to compete with the chains as it is, let alone asking these Ma and Pa shops to compete with their biggest sales of the year. But that's just another way New Jersey helps small businesses succeed. Then we have Cyber Monday where you don't even have to deal with the stores. You can just go online and get exactly what you want from the privacy of you computer. It won't be long before we have "Not 4 Nutin: Tuesday" here in New Jersey but then again everything in New Jersey is "Not 4 Nutin."

How do you like to shop? Online is great if you know exactly what you're looking for and want the best price, but for me, I'm a store guy. I love walking around the malls looking at things I never would have seen or thought to find online. Something about looking in the windows, picking things up (including coffee and the food court) excites me. What really excites me are the clearance counters where believe it or not, I get a lot of my clothes.

Which do you prefer?

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