The American Journal of Preventive Medicine published a study last year stating that anyone with a commute greater than 10 miles is at greater risk of certain health problems. You are more likely to be diagnosed with medical conditions such as obesity and heart disease. Fellow New Jerseyans need to take note. New Jersey is a state known for residents commuting long distances.

My commute to work now is a solid hour each way, roughly 52 miles. This is nothing compared to my last job in Jersey City where I had a two hour commute each day. Distance wise, I was actually closer to Jersey City than Trenton by about 10 miles, but the rush hour traffic I sat in going to and coming from work every day was horrible. I remember the increased stress it caused me. It wasn't the fear of being late to work. It was just the daily hassle of sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, moving a foot every five minutes on the Pulaski Skyway or Route 22.

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