As if you don't have enough to deal with commuting all week to New York, now the powers that be in the Big Apple want to hit you with a "congestion tax." That would be an additional $13 for the privilege of driving in an area from the southern border of Central Park to Battery Park at the bottom of Manhattan.

How dare you clog up their roads after paying $15 just to cross the George Washington Bridge? Says US Rep. Josh Gottheimer, "They are going after Jersey. They are protecting New York drivers and screwing Jersey."

Governor Murphy opposes the plan saying, “Any scheme that discriminates against New Jersey commuters will not be supported by me or by our administration. If New Jersey’s folks are paying into this a lot of money, we deserve to get a fair amount out.”

So what does New York want to do with the money from the New Jersey commuters? According to David Matthau's post, "overhaul and modernize the New York subway system and pay for a new fleet of buses."

Well isn't that nice. New Jersey drivers are supposed to pay to overhaul and modernize the New York subway system and buses that they will never use because they are driving in New York. This is why I love the "NOT NEW YORK" in the New Jersey 101.5 slogan.

How about this? If New York wants to his Jersey drivers with a "congestion tax," we hit them with an "aggravation tax." Any New Yorker carelessly or recklessly driving on New Jersey roads, and we see them everyday, pays double if not triple the fines.

Any New Yorker who moves here and bores us to tears with their stories of what it was like when they lived in "da city" pays the aggravation tax.

The New York Giants and New York Jets, who play in and stink out our stadium, pays an aggravation tax, to not only New Jersey but their fans as well. They money can be used to get the players they need to win.

The Governor of New York, who allegedly hits on everything that walks yet rejects the one Jersey girl, Chelsea Handler, who actually wanted to date him, pays the aggravation tax.

Those are just a few ideas , there's plenty more where they came from.

In summation, I say New York can take their "congestion tax" and blow it our their nose, like the bad sneeze that it is.

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