WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman's frustration at the Santa Fe High School shooting bubbled over during a moment of silence in the House chambers on Monday.

After Republican Randy Weber invited the Texas delegation to the floor of the House for a moment of silence to remember the 10 people shot to death at Santa Fe High School last week, the New Jersey Democrat yelled from her seat her objection to moments of silence.

"Your moment of silence doesn’t save one single solitary life. Do something!" Coleman shouted from her seat in the nearly empty chamber. No mention was made of her outburst and the session moved forward.

Later in the session, Coleman, an outspoken proponent of gun safety legislation, took to the floor to criticize House leadership for not doing more to enact legislation.

"There have been 46 moments of silence on the floor in the House of Representatives addressing the tragic deaths in mass shootings and what have we done? We get up from 46 moments of silence and we do nothing," Coleman said.

"The person who sits in that chair makes the determination whether or not we value those innocent lives we are losing every single solitary day because people who shouldn't have access to guns have access to guns or whether or not we should have one more moment of silence."

In a message on her Twitter account on the day of the Santa Fe shooting, Coleman wrote that "we can, and should pray just like we can and must do something. I'm lower than heartbroken, I'm sickened that we remain completely frozen on anything to address gun violence in the US in its many forms."

In 2009, during the State of the Union address, GOP congressman Steve Wilson was rebuked along party lines when he yelled "you lie" during the State of the Union address delivered by then-President Barak Obama. Wilson later apologized.

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