It happens every year about this time: New Jersey beaches are off-limits to swimmers because the DEP finds way too much fecal bacteria in the water. On Tuesday as many as 47 NJ beaches were found to have way too much bacteria to be considered safe for swimming but by Wednesday the ban was lifted on 45 of those beaches. Unfortunately two remain suspect.

The water of all but two of the state's beaches is safe for swimming Wednesday after tests showed levels of fecal bacteria had dissipated at 45 locations where they had been elevated.

Only the water samples taken Tuesday at Windward Beach Park in Brick and East Beach on Station Avenue in Pine Beach, both in Ocean County, tested too high for higher that nasty Enterococci bacteria that means you’re basically taking a dip in a sewer. The water at both of those riverfront beaches is now closed to swimmers.

By the time you read this, retesting will be underway and the DEP reports that new findings will be posted by Thursday afternoon. So before you head out to the beach, make sure you check the findings of the new testing. Unless of course you enjoy swimming in a toilet.

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