It is against the law in New Jersey to drive while distracted, but many people on the road choose to take matters into their own hands. Washington Township in Morris County is cracking down on drivers who are not paying attention while on the road.

Mark Wilson, Getty Images

This crackdown is part of the National Distracted Driving Enforcement Campaign that is being enforced in Washington Township. A report from Long Valley Patch shows that the township has given over 164 tickets to distracted drivers in just 6 days. Almost half of the tickets distributed were for using a cell phone while driving.

The AAA 2014 Report to the Legislature polled members on what the most dangerous driving distractions are. Members said that texting or emailing while driving is most distracting, while conversation with passengers in cars is least distracting. Other distractions mentioned in the poll are: reading, grooming, talking on a phone, eating, and having children in the car.

The extra enforcement on distracted driving from the campaign will last until April 21st.