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So we all have heard the typical official state symbols. New Jersey's state bird is the Goldfinch. Our state flower is the Violet. Our state animal is the horse. Yawn. Boring.

Did you know that we have a state dinosaur?

It's true. With the Jurassic World sequel revealing the new title and tagline on Thursday, one year before the film's release date, I've got dinosaurs on the mind. After some snooping, I've found that we have a state dinosaur!

Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton To Be Auctioned Off In Las Vegas
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The Hadrosaurus foulkii was a duck billed dinosaur that stood about 10 feet tall, weighed around 8 tons, and would reach about 25 feet in length. It was around during the Cretaceous Period, about 80 million years ago.

Through the summer and fall of 1858, a fossil enthusiast named William Parker Foulke led a team of diggers in Haddonfield, New Jersey. It was here that they found the skeleton of the Hadrosaur. At the time of its discovery, it was the most complete dinosaur skeleton that had been dug up anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the efforts of Joyce Berry, a teacher at Strawbridge Elementary School in Haddon Township, the Hadrosaur became our state dinosaur in 1991. My hat goes off to you, Joyce!

Curious about other dinosaurs that used to roam New Jersey before it was covered in highways and pizza places? Check out this list by the good people at ThoughtCo. I didn't know what a Dryptosaurus was until today, but I'm glad I don't pass one on my commute.

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