Every election I overhear the same thing.

"You got a sticker?! They didn't give me a sticker!"

"I even ASKED for a sticker and they said they don't do that!"

I'm not sure why some people care about a small sticker that says I VOTED. Is it civic bragging rights? You vote then wear that on your jacket all day to let others know you're an involved and good person? Or is it because you want to remind others that it's Election Day and they should get out and do the same?

There seems to be no rhyme or reason why some polling places hand these stickers out and others don't. When I lived in Hillsborough I was never given a sticker. This election was my first time voting as a resident of Raritan Twp and sure enough they handed me a sticker.

Was I a jerk that I left it in my cup holder and didn't affix it to my clothes? I just didn't feel the need to advertise the fact that I voted. Yet every year I hear people actually get a bit put off that they "didn't get a sticker." I don't get it. Is it a lost picture opportunity for Instagram? Is that really why we vote?

So let us know how much it matters to you. Take our poll.

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