WARNING: The following video contains language that some people might find offensive.

Do you remember the Bee Gees song "I Started A Joke?" Well, Sunday morning I posted a very simple one-line joke about the goings on over the weekend on Facebook and Twitter, combining Saturday's Women's March and Sunday's NFL playoffs.

I simply said "If the women had marched on Sunday, the men would have been too busy watching the game to notice."

This set off a chain of replies that went from political rants to attacks on those who disagreed with them, to counter attacks. Add this to the people who got the joke, along with those saw their opportunity to inject their sarcasm and you have a phrase coined by my brand manager Eric Johnson, "Jerseycana."

They came from all sides to comment on my little line, which wasn't meant to cause anything but a chuckle or an eye roll. I got such a kick out of the replies that I decided to include them in a video. Listen and hopefully you'll laugh, or maybe you'll be mad, or maybe you'll be sarcastic, or maybe a little of both.

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