Back in May, the New Jersey Legislature passed a bill to help curb the rash of catalytic converter thefts in the Garden State. The governor signed the law on May 15. Murder, rape, theft and assault are against the law, too, but that doesn't stop the scumbags from doing their evil deeds.

Last week there were at least two stolen in a quiet neighborhood in Mount Laurel and one other person reported on the NextDoor app that another 20 were stolen recently in a senior community.


The new law, like most of the laws we have, is well-intentioned and seems to be a good stopgap measure in limiting the places the thieves can sell the cat converters.

The new law amends the definition of “scrap metal” to explicitly include all or part of a used catalytic converter that is not attached to a motor vehicle. It also strengthens the verification of ownership in the process of selling used catalytic converters to scrap metal businesses by requiring the business to document the VIN, the certificate of title or registration, a receipt from a repair transaction, or a bill of sale at the time of purchase, and imposing fines on businesses that violate this requirement.

Massive catalytic converter theft ring busted (ICE) DG Auto Parts arrests Khanna NJ
Massive catalytic converter theft ring busted (ICE)

The laws also say that only for scrap metal businesses to purchase used catalytic converters from persons other than a seller, that is a registered business that in the course of its regular business, collects, stores, or sells catalytic converters or other vehicle parts.

Apparently, the criminals haven't gotten wind of the new law or are finding a way around it. Keep your cars as secure as possible and keep an eye out for these guys, cause they're still at it.

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