I wish the State of New Jersey would stop spending my money on stupid s---.

If you don't know how to behave during a traffic stop, then you shouldn't have a driver's license. You shouldn't be out in public. You weren't raised right. You've got something wrong with you.

The state is about to embark on an ad campaign to teach us how to behave during a traffic stop. The proper behavior seems as natural and common sense to me as "what to do when your hand is on fire." Put it out, maybe?

I'm always polite and respectful when I'm stopped. It only makes sense that when a person with a gun, who has total control of the current situation, and potentially your future, and has confronted you as part of their job, you cooperate. Isn't it obvious, you can try to help yourself by being cooperative and polite?

Many in our society have a chip on their shoulder when it comes to the police. From time to time, I can be counted among them, but it only hurts your position to be anything but cool during the encounter.

I would say over 50 percent of the time I've had interaction with local police has been negative. I have no record, no arrests, don't act or look dangerous, but I'm, more times than not, treated like a dangerous criminal. Which always make me wonder about the police training.

It seems like they're more prepared for a military conflict zone, than serving and protecting the community, especially in quiet suburban towns. Police are very important to our society and the majority are great men and women doing what is sometimes a dangerous and difficult job. I continue to support the police.

That being said, I'd rather see money spent on revamping police training to have them speak to us like the taxpayers who pay their salary that we are, and not like some random criminal element. I get that they have to be cautious. I get they don't make the laws. I get they are just following orders, but if they could be a little less militaristic and robotic, then traffic stops could go a little better both ways.

Now how much should I charge the state for that advice? I'll take half of than $1 million that they're about to spend on this stupid ad campaign.

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