Ever since I woke up to the fact that the government steals our money before we even get it in our hands — through automatic payroll deduction — I have been a staunch opponent of income taxes.

Progressive income taxes, add state and city wage taxes, anything that taxes the money YOU earn. Prior to the passage of the 16th Amendment in 1913, taxing your income was unconstitutional and in my opinion still should be. The withholding tax on wages was introduced in 1942 beginning the system we've all become accustomed to today.

In 1993, I found myself with a wife and three kids and out of a job. I took any job I could get and started a small business while draining my savings just to stay in our house. I didn't take a dime from the government, not even unemployment. Well as a reward for my efforts the federal government demanded thousands of dollars of income taxes that I didn't have. They didn't care.

Thus starting my journey as a fiscal conservative. I wondered why millions of people were getting checks from the government and doing nothing, while I worked and got penalized for it. So ever since then I've closely watched for any kind of protest on April 15.

Any sign of an uprising against this confiscatory, punitive and progressive taxation of hard-working upwardly mobile Americans like myself. I thought my prayers were answered on Saturday! There were tax day protests all over the country, including here in New Jersey. They were in Newark, Plainfield, Mays Landing and Newton.

Were that demanding lower taxes or repeal of the 16th Amendment? No. Instead more marching morons. It gives the letters IRS new meaning. Irrational Retarded Socialists!

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